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2022-2023 Officers


Joyce Sweger

1st Vice President

Thomas M. Heisler, III

2nd Vice President

Jennifer Eaton


Michelle Weinman

Assistant Treasurer

Sandi Sanchez

Recording Secretary

Linda Eaton

Assistant Secretary

To Come

Tail Twisters

James A. Eaton

PDG Ron Peters

Lions Tamers

Jeffrey Weinman

Gary Glick


Mary Jean Brown

Gary Glick

Immediate Past President

Gary Glick

Directors 1 yr.

PDG Rodney W. Sweger

Eric Weaver

Directors 2 yr.

Michael Ervin Jr.

Ron Markwood

Membership Committee

Chairman: Gary Glick

Member: Jeff Weinman

Member: Thomas M. Heisler Ill

District Governor

Carl Spellman

1st Vice District Governor

Michael Schaeffer

2nd Vice-District Governor

Deb Keeports

Zone A Chairperson

David Husser

Zone B Chairperson

Jim Eaton

Immediate Past Governor

Dick Sware

Offices are held for the period from 12:01 AM on July 1 to midnight on June 30.